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New Event Dashboard Charts

Event Dashboards indicate Age, Gender, Neighborhood utilizing anonymized data from across the entire Jlive Platform.

Organization Admins can cancel tickets

Admins can view the Manage Registrants page and cancel individual tickets. A cancelled ticket will increase the Ticket Type capacity so that more tickets can be sold.

Jlive Admins can create new orgs

From the View Organizations page, you can click the Create New Organization button

View and Manage Promo Codes

From the Manage Event page, you can view all Promo Codes and Issue new ones.

Organization Admins can cancel event

From the Manage Event page, Admins can cancel their event and optionally message all registrants.

No Location Events

Events can be published with no Location or Livestream. Admins can explain the reason in the Description if needed. (ie The location is TBD)

Users can opt-in to Monthly digest email

If opted-in, people will receive an email with personalized upcoming events.

More like this

At bottom of Event Details page, there is a section showing Similar Events.

Ongoing Opportunities

Some events are not actually events, but rather they are ongoing opportunities with now specific date/time. These will appear in a dedicated section on the Homepage and can be filtered on the Browse All Events page.

Login with Apple, Facebook, Google

Users and Admins can login with Apple Facebook, or Google in addition to their own email via our Magic Link.

Jlive Admins can create Pages

Jlive Admins can create custom curated pages of events based on specific rules.


Admins can indicate words or phrases for the URL of their Events and Organization Profile instead of just an ID number.

Organizations can manage their own users

Organization Admins can add/remove Admin users to their account. These users can have Org Admin, Event Creator, or Event Manager permissions.

Schedule Reminder Emails

Admins can schedule reminder emails.

Post Registration Note

Admins can leave a custom message that is shown after people register to events.


Jlive Passport

Admins can restrict visibility and registration to events to only those who old a Jlive Passport. Users can obtain a Jlive Passport by providing some required pieces of information and verifying their mobile phone number.

Third Party Buyer

During checkout if the Name on Credit Card is different from the Buyer, the system will flag it as a “Third Party Buyer” for improved matching with CRMs.

Improved Event Page

The Event Page is redesigned for better accessibility and improved visibility on different screen resolutions.

Private Drafts to Community Calendar

Admins can elect to submit their Private Draft events to the Community Calendar.

No Location Events

Events can be published with no Location and no Livestream.

Hidden Price Events

Events can be published with no price visible on the Event Page or Event Card.

Do Not Send Tickets

Events can be set so that no Tickets are send upon Registration.

Admins can Cancel Tickets

Admins have the ability to cancel specific tickets or all tickets in a given order.

Login During Checkout

For Logged Out Users during checkout, there is a link to let folks quickly login to access their User Profile.

Release April 25, 2024


Now Organizations have the ability to choose Authorize.net as their payment gateway via Spreedly. The other two options available now are Stripe and Moneris. Learn More

General Bug Fixes

  • Admins can edit the Hero Image in French translations for child organizations
  • Improvements to new Event Details page
  • Fixes to Orders Reports

Release April 9, 2024

Nudge to Login

Logged Out users will see a pop-up to nudge them to Login for a more personalized experience and faster checkout.

Updated Event Details Page

The Events Page includes several design changes to improve general accessibility.

  • Full-width design rather than in a box. This eliminates unnecessary scrolling.
  • No more hidden scrollable sections concealing key information
  • Organization logos visible at the top
  • Co-hosts listed at the top and bottom of page with logos
  • Floating information box shows key details and Register button at all times
  • More accessible Add To Calendar Button
  • Separation from Category / Topic Tags from Target Demographic Tags

More Events For You

At the bottom of the Event Pages is a section titled “More events for you”. This contains additional events related to your specific interests.

Set tickets to Zero

Some organizations using BBCRM can enable a setting in Org / CRM settings to set all non-donations charges to $0 when data is passed via API.

ICS Feed includes price

ICS feeds now indicate the price of each event. (ex: FREE, Starting from $5, or $25)

Placeholder Events timezone set to EDT by default

Release 3.6.2024


Users can login with Passwords in addition to Magic Link and Google.

Multi-session Data in Make.com Output

Organizations pulling data from Make.com can now see dates and times for all sessions in a multiple session event.

Release 1.23.2024

Spreedly Payment Orchestration

Jlive has implemented a new way of collecting payments! Organizations are now able to connect to the Payment Gateway of their choice using their existing accounts with these Stripe or Moneris. Learn More

Organizations can now:

  • Use existing accounting workflows with your own Gateway
  • Utilize existing transaction rates
  • No additional fees from Jlive at this time

New Jlive Zoom App

Admins should disconnect from their Zoom account and reconnect in order to utilize the new and improved Jlive Zoom App. Learn More

Release 11.8.2023

Logged-In buyer can not change Name/email during checkout

During registration to an event if you are logged in, then you will not be able to change your name or email unless you log out. Keep in mind that you can still indicate whether each Ticket is for you or someone else.

Event Cards right-clickable

You can right-click Event Card images and titles to open them in a new tab.

Admins with just one organization will have that set in the top-navigation

No longer will Admins be forced to set their organization in the top-navigation if they only have permission to one organization in the first place.

Default Question Tool-tips

When adding Default Questions to event Registration forms, you can hover over each question to reveal more information.

Release 9.28.2023

Userway Accessibility Widget

Now in the bottom left corner you will see an accessibility icon which launches a widget to customize how the page displays in order. to adjust colors, fonts, spacing and more.

Release 9.11.2023

Manage Admins

Organization Administrators can Manage their own Admins. They can Invite people by e-mail address. to be Organization Admins. They can also revoke existing permissions. See: Manage Organization Admins.

Limit API access to a single event

On the Organization / Settings page in the CRM Settings section there is a checkbox that allows you to choose any event in your organization or sub-organizations. Once selected any API requests from your CRM will be limited to data from the designated event only. See More

Release 8.1.2023

Removed Unsupported Browser Pop-up

Previously a large pop-up displayed when using Edge and certain other browsers.

Manage Promo Codes

It is now possible to Manage Event Promo Codes from the Promo Codes page in the left navigation. Learn More

General Bugs

  • Removed redundant scrollbars in some places
  • Fixed “Lets Go” pop-up for nudge profile

Release 7.6.2023

Nudge Users to fill out profile fields

Users will incomplete profiles will be shown a pop-up to update their profile for speedier checkout. They can skip any of the questions if they prefer.

Release 6.15.2023

New Default Questions

Relationship to Buyer and Maiden Name are now a default questions that can be asked during registration. These can also be mapped to CRM fields.

TOS and PP must be agreed to at Checkout

Its not possible to register without checking the box.

Users can update their Communication Preferences from their Profile

Taxes now appear properly at checkout

Tax rates may have 3 decimals, but will appear with 2 decimals to buyers at checkout

Secure Stripe Checkout Banner appears during Checkout

General Updates

  • Registrant CSV includes “Other” Response text
  • Mixpanel Age issues resolved
  • Rejected Published Events no longer appear in ICS file
  • Admins can edit translations in events at sub-orgs
  • Updates to Registration Reports and Orders Reports

Release 5.23.2023

This release had 100s of small bugs and UI fixes related to Updating new Libraries

  • Updated Node.js v18
  • Updated to Next.js v12
  • Updated to React.js v17
  • Updated to MUIv5
  • Updates to Event Registrant Report

Fixed User Profile Birthday 1-day off bug

Updates to Org-Wide Registrant Report

Drafts that are Published and re-submitted to CC – get Pending Status

Market ICS Feed are multi-lingual

Just add “&lg=fr” to the end of the URL

Updated API Documentation for 3rd parties

Release 4.24.2023

Manage Attendees Page shows Registrant Email

Registrant CSV headers are updated

More obvious when a column is for the Ticket or the Buyer. Plus some other improvements.

Global Event Capacity Bug Fix

Mobile Scrolling Bug Fix

Release 3.2.2023

New Draft Events / Submit to Community Calendar checkbox defaults to Unchecked.

For the time being, if you clone an event it will still be Checked by default.

Reject Pending Community Calendar submissions

From the Community Calendar Moderation page, you can Reject Pending Submissions

Org Reports / Registration Report –

We fixed an issue preventing this from loading in some cases

Quicksight “Admins with PII” report has Org Market Column

This makes it easier to export to Sendgrid to send newsletters. 

Multiple Dates vs Multiple Times

Events that span multiple dates will indicate “Multiple Dates”. Events that have multiple sessions that are all on just 1 day, will no more accurately indicate “Multiple Times”.

Global Event Capacity

Admins can set a global capacity that limits the total tickets available regardless of specific ticket-type capacities.

Organization Dashboard Age, Gender, Neighborhood Charts

On the organization dashboard, there are now charts for Age, Gender, and Neighborhood that pull from the registration questions, the user’s profile, and past registration questions at other Jlive events, in that order.

Draft Events do not automatically publish to Community Calendar

Now, on the Publish step when creating events, the “Submit draft to Community Calendar” checkbox is not default checked.

Credit Card stores full address

In order to support Donations, we now require that all stored credit cards store a billing address as well.

Question Description Formatting

Now when creating questions, in the description you can add text formatting and hyperlinks. The links can be used for Waiver forms or additional content outside of Jlive.

Release 2.16.2023

Updated Organization Dashboard

On the Organization Dashboard you can now use filters to include data from sub-organizations and from co-hosted events. You can also choose your time-frame from last 30 days to all time.

Org Dashboard – People Section

Additionally there is a new section for People, which includes Total People (Registrants to your organization’s events that have a unique Name+Email) as well as Total Guests (Registrants to your organization’s events that doin’t have a unique Name+Email).

Set Event Timezone

When creating an event, you can change the event’s time-zone. It will default to your organization’s default timezone. (Soon this too will be configurable)

Release 1.25.2023

Organization CRM Meta Data Configuration

Organizations can enable CRM Meta Data on their events from the org settings page. CRM Meta Data is a way to pass certain unique data that is not generally asked by Jlive to your integrated CRM They can customize the key/value pairs available on each event as well as the org-wide key/value pairs to be included on all events.

Registrant Report includes “Other” Response

When registrants indicate a custom “Other” response to a question, it will be included in the Registrant CSV report.

Organization-wide Registrant Report works for large organizations

Now even the largest organizations and families of organizations can comfortably export their organization-wide Registrant Report

Footer Jlive Job Board Link goes to correct Market-filered Job Board

If you are viewing Jlive in Detroit, when you click the Job Board link, you will see the Job Board filtered to show Detroit jobs.

Release 1.5.2023

Login with Google

When logging in to Jlive or Joining Jlive, users can Login with Google instead of using the Magic Link. Users can also Disconnect from Google within the User Profile

Users can also Disconnect from Google within the User Profile

Footer Updates

There is now a link to Press as well as Facebook and Instagram based on the market that is set in the top-navigation. Also Jlive Job Board is in footer.

Ticket Setting / Family Do Not Ask Attendee Questions

Example: Family Ticketing – There is now a way to configure a $20 Family Ticket that grants admission to an entire family. You would set the Family Ticket to min required to 1 and max required to 1so that all orders must include the Family. Ticket. Then you would set the Ticket Setting to “Do Not Ask Attendee Questions”, which will ensure that you aren’t asking irrelevant questions such as First Name or Gender about the Family Ticket.

Unique Attendees Only

Now the default settings on events is set such that no two tickets can be registered to the same Registrant First Name + Last Name or to the same Registrant Email. This can be unset by checking a box in the Ticket Settings

Community Calendar can Exclude Ongoing Opportunities

Admins configuring the Community Calendar Settings for their city can exclude Ongoing Opportunities to avoid lots of multi-day events.

Org ICS Feed URL Excludes Ongoing Opportunities

Tickets with Minimum Purchase Display Properly

Event Details will no longer incorrectly say an event is Free if there is a minimum purchase requirement.

Exclude “View event on Jlive – {URL}” from ICS description and HTML description

Release 12.7.2022

Jlive Job Board

Organizations have a “See Open Jobs” button on their profile which directs users to their Jobs.Jlive.App Organization Job Board. They can disable this button if they want.

Learn more at the Jlive Job Board FAQ.

Unique Attendees Only

When creating tickets for an event, there is a checkbox that is defaulted to checked called “Unique Attendees Only”. This requires unique Firstname + Lastname + Email for this ticket type. If email is not entered the rule is still enforced on Firstname + Lastname.

Autoprolonging of User Session

Users will remain logged in for 2 weeks since their last activity.

Admins will remain logged in for 24 hours since their last activity.

Footer Updates

The footer includes links to Instagram (city-specific) as well as Press and Jlive Jobs.

Org enable CRM Metadata

Organizations can now enable/disable CRM Metadata from their Settings page

Release 11.24.2022

User Set Market in Top Navigation

As a User, you can set indicate your market using a dropdown in the Top Navigation. This will persist across your entire experience. IT will automatically be set to the Primary Market indicated in your User Profile or if not, it will be set based on your detected location via your IP address.

Local / Nonlocal Filter

When browsing events on the jlive.app/events page, events will be filtered to the Market set in the top-navigation. There is an additional filter to include Non-local Events. This will include events targeted to your location that are not local. events. (Ex: If you market is Detroit, you will see events targed to North America, USA, and International)

Hide Date/Time from Ongoing Opportunities

Admins can choose to hide the date/time which makes sense for certain open-ended ongoing opportunities. This will hide the date/time from the Homepage Feed and Event Details page.

Org-Wide Registration CSV

From the Organization / Reports tab, you can now download a CSV of all Registrations across all events at your organization and sub-organizations for a given time range.

Release 11.10.2022

Platform Admins can create new organizations from the Manage Organizations page. You can now update the organizations Market

Create New Organization

View All Organizations Page

jlive.app/organizations is page to view all Organizations on the platform.

Event Tags are Clickable

Upon clicking a given Tag on an Event Card, you will be taken to a page that lists all upcoming events with that tag in your market.

Release 10.6.2022

Ongoing Opportunities

When creating an event, Admins can choose the Ongoing Opportunity selection. This will include the event in the dedicated Ongoing Opportunities section of the Homepage rather than the Upcoming Events section.

On the Browse Events page (jlive.app/events) there is now a filter to choose to show or hide Ongoing Opportunities. They are defaulted to hidden from this page.

New Homepage Sections of Events

Homepage now includes Ongoing Opportunities, Volunteering, and a variety of other sections such as Social Events, Jewish Holiday, Food, Aerts & Culture, Social Events. Recommended For You is hidden from logged-out users.

Co-host Organizations have full access to Manage and Edit Events and Registrants

Location Targeting for Non-local organizations is fixed.

International organizations can target events to appear in specific feeds such as a specific city or country.

Event Dashboard Sales Box includes Donations

When viewing the total sales for an event on the Event Dashboard, the number is inclusive of Donations in accordance with what the tool-tip says.

Deleted Organizations no longer appear on Organization Profile / Affiliated Organizations section

Release 9.27.2022

Improved Browse All Events Page Sorting

On the Browse Events Pages, (jlive.app/events) there are several ways to sort the page. .

  • Upcoming (default) sorted by the start date of the next session for each event.
  • Recommendations sorts by most recommended for you. This is hidden for logged out users.
  • Popularity is based on number of registrations as well as sharing and favorites
  • Start Date is based on the start date of the first session. Note that long-range events that whose first session started a long time ago may be prioritized highest, which may not be preferred. Many users may prefer to use Upcoming for this reason.

Improved Homepage Upcoming Section Sorting

On the Homepage, the Upcoming Events are sorted by the start date of the next session for each event. The Upcoming Section also excludes events marked as “Ongoing Opportunities”.

Release 9.21.2022

Search for Events and Organizations

Users are able to use the Search bar at the top of the page to find Events and Organizations across the Jlive Ecosystem. This makes it much easier to find exactly what you are looking for!

Release 8.31.2022

Updated Event Dashboards

Event Dashboard includes improvements to the Daily Registrations chart as well as new anonymized charts for Age, Gender, Neighborhood which pull from Registration Form, User Profile, and Past Registrations to other events on Jlive. The tool-tip next to each chart specifies how the data is gathered and calculated.

Release 8.1.2022

Post-Registration Recommendations

After registering to an event, there is a pop-up that includes links to add to calendar, share on social media, as well as 3 upcoming Similar events. This is expected to drive new registrations by helping people discover events.


We implemented Mixpanel analytics and behavioral tracking. We pass anonymous information around how users use our website, what pages they view, which events they register for, what orders they place and more. We pass user demographic details allowing for detailed analysis and customer segmentation.

Check-out Scroll Reminder

When checking out, there is an indicator reminding you to scroll down for more, making it harder to get stuck.

Check Out Field Validation

During checkout, if you try to proceed without completing any required fields, it will auto-scroll to the first missing item and they will appear in red letting you know what is missing.

General Checkout Improvements

Lots of small issues have been resolved or improved during check out.

Homepage Updates

The header row and hero image on the homepage are more streamlined allowing for more content above the fold.

The 3 or 4 boxes on the homepage are now smaller and more streamlined.

Release 7.1.2022

Can register multiple tickets in same order to the same name / email address

We removed a restriction that limited 1 ticket per email per event.

Checkout – Aggregate questions by ticket

When checking out, you will now see all questiopns pertaining to a given ticket on the same page.

General Improvements to Check Out Flow

A number of minor improvements to the Check Out Flow have been implemented.

Release 5.26.2022

Orders CSV includes additional Stripe Payout data

When viewing the Orders CSV download, you will see Expected Payout Date, Actual Payout Date, and information related to the Stripe Payout. This will help Finance departments understand when funds were actually received in their bank account.

Auto-join Jlive during Event Registration

When registering for an event, you will automatically join Jlive and become a User, unless you opt-out.

Multi-select Jewish Descendance

It is not possible to indicate Ashkenazi and Sephardic in their User Profile if someone wants.

Make.com Default Attendee Fields

When using our Make.com integration and Watching for New Registrants, the Default Question Responses are included in the Registrant Record. This makes it possible to map those fields to existing fields in your CRM.

Make.com Watch for Check Ins, Uncheck Ins, Cancelled Registrations

When using our Make.com integration, it is now possible to watch for new check ins, uncheck ins, and cancelled registrations so that you can automatically update your integrated CRM.

Better tracking of Hard Users, Soft Users, and Guest Registrants

We are not properly tracking when an e-mail address is a Soft User or a Hard User (accepted Terms and conditions to Join Jlive). Also we track when an email is used to register someone as an Additional Ticket to an order, but the email is not the actual User of Jlive.

Release 4.10.2022

Homepage Category Tags

On the homepage, users can click on tags to go directly to a page showing events of that tag.

Org – Events Report

Organization Admins can now download an Events Report which indicates all the events they. have run with details such as number of tickets, total sales, donation etc.


Jlive Admins can set organizations to be International, North American, USA, or Canada. These organizations are able to utilize our Location Targeting feature on their events.

Location Targeting

Non-local orgs (ie International, USA, Canada) are able to set the Target Location for their events which sets which feeds their events will appear in. (ex: an International Org can make sure their event appears in all Feeds across Canada but not USA ).

Release 3.21.2022


When creating an event, you can now add Sponsor logos. The logos are not clickable links.

More Register Button Choices

When creating an event, you can now set the “Register” button to say “More Info, Go, Learn More or No Registration.”

Messages include Organizer information

When you send Messages, the emails will include information about the Organizer and the Point of Contact.

Bugs Fixed

  • Can now add new questions after tickets have been sold
  • The Admin Markets dropdown in. the top-nav works better
  • Question bank only shows questions within your organization

Release 2.24.2022

Admin TopNav Market Dropdown

Jive Admins and City Admins can choose which Market they are viewing in the Admin Panel.

New Create Questions Interface

Now you can re-order questions and more easily add default questions to your registration form. You can also smart-search to add questions from your question bank and edit those questions as well.

Question Bank

You can add questions and manage your question bank from your Org Profile Settings.

Increased Message Length

Messages can now be up to 2000 characters long, rather than just 500 characters.

Release 1.28.2022

Edit Events after you have Registrants

No longer are certain fields locked once someone registers to your event. You can now change title, create new tickets and questions, update location and livestream settings.

In order to ensure that your changes go live, you must re-Publish the event.

Very soon this will be more obvious to the Admin, so please ignore any odd behavior when clicking. the Publish button.

Event Creator can choose Single Day, Long Range, or Multi-Session

Single Day – Single date events that may have multiple times within the same day. It may overlap into the following day in the case of a late-night event.

Long Range – Single start-date/time and end-date/time. This is for an event that spans a long window of time. (ie open enrollment period, summer pool-pass)

Multi-session – Multiple days, each with multiple times.

(Currently we only support events where your registration gives you access to All Sessions.

We do not yet support a “Choose my session(s)” feature.

Release 12.20.2021

Jlive SuperAdmin can see/set Org Date Activated

Super Admins can manually enter the official start date of organizations. This will help ensure our reporting is accurate.

Jlive Super Admin Only Settings

Super Admin can set Test Organizations, Enable 3rd Party Links.

Super Admins can also Org First Active Date and can store Average Monthly Events based on information shared by the organization. This can be used to improve the date in our Quicksight Reports.

Org-wide Orders Reports can have time ranges of up to 90 days

Jlive Super Admins can Hide Events from Feed

The event, if public, will still appear on the Org Profile and on any Custom Page such as the Detroit Families page. But they will not appear in the Feed on the Homepage.

Release 12.6.2021

Two-factor Authentication

As any User you can enable Two-Factor Authentication in order to secure your Jlive account by requiring two different means to prove your identity when logging in. With Two-factor Authentication enabled, you will need to use an Authenticator App such as Google Authenticator to obtain a 6-digit code each time you login. Jlive Super Admins are required to enable Two-Factor Authentication

Read more here: Two-Factor Authentication

Release 11.22.2021

Admin can Register people to events

As an Org Admin, you can register additional people to events.

Read more here: Admin Register People to Events

Org Dashboard Data Fixes

The values for total events created, and run should be correct now.

Event Admin can change Ticket On Sale Window and Capacity after Registrations

Now, you can manually type any time you want you events to start and end. No longer are you forced to choose from the 30 minute increments in the drop-down list.

Admin can set min per order amount per each ticket

If you want to require a checkout to have a Family Pass or Entry Pass, then you could set that ticket type minimum to 1. For example, if you have a Family Pass Event for $100, but you want to allow for unlimited FREE Kids tickets and collect the name of each kid.

Release 10.25.2021

Mobile Check In

Org Admins can use their mobile devices to scan QR codes on tickets and Check In registrants. They can also use a mobile optimized page to see all Registrants, search for people or tickets, and check people in.

(Ex: Set event for 6:45-7:45pm)

Read More: Mobile Check In

Default CRM MetaData Fields

Organizations can pre-set their own CRM Meta Data Fields

Release 10.13.2021


Admins can now search for Events, Orders, Registrants, Users, and other Admins by clicking on the Magnifying Glass on any page.

IP Location Detection

Logged Out Users should see the appropriate City Feed based on their IP address. So if you are in Montreal, you should see the Montreal Events.

Cancel Events

Org Admins can now Cancel their own events. They will see a warning message letting them know that Registrants will not automatically be notified or refunded. It is their responsibility to reach out to people and/or refund them manually.

Set Email Sender

Admins can set the Email Sender for their events. This will ensure that Registration Emails and other emails sent for a specific event show the Email Sender of choice. The email will still be sent from noreply@jlive.app, but it will appear like this:

My Organization<noreply@jlive.app>

Release 10.11.2021

5,000 Character Limit on Event Description

Events can have descriptions of up to 5,000 characters now.

Donation On Behalf Of

Registrants making a Donation, can now indicate whether that donation is made on behalf of another person or entity. This will be included in the Orders CSV.

Release 10.4.2021

Recommended For You Section

Logged In users will see a Recommended For You section which shows events that are personalized to them based on demographics, favorites, interests, past events and more. Our algorithm will be continually improved over time.

Release 9.27.2021

Type any start/end time for events

In the top Navigation bar Jlive Admin can choose Market Dropdown to filter by city.

Pay Later

Organizations can now allow people to Pay Later and still checkout and get their tickets. No money will be collected during the checkout and the Order will be marked as Not Yet Paid.

Donate On Behalf of

Buyers can now indicate whether their donation is being made on behalf of another person or entity. This will be indicated in the Order CSV for that event.

Send Messages in French

Now, when sending message to Registrants of an Event, you can optionally add a French translation which will be delivered to anyone who has their language preference set to French.

Send Test Message to Self

When creating a message to send to Registrants of an Event, you can create the message and send it as a test to your own email to see how it will look. Once sent, you would need to re-create that same message in order to send to Registrants.

Mark As Paid

When people checkout using the Pay Later feature, they are marked as Not Yet Paid. Organization Admins can later find that Order after collecting the funds on their own, and then Mark As Paid in Jlive. Note that collection of payments would happen entirely outside of Jlive, either by check, cash, or some other method.

Set Location on Homepage

From the homepage, users can set whether they are in Detroit or Montreal in order to update which events display for them. If the user is logged in, the system will set their location based on their User Profile. Otherwise, the system will also automatically detect their location based on their IP address.

Event Admin edit Ticket Sale Dates and Capacity after Registrations

It is now possible to change the Ticket On Sale Window for any ticket type, even after the event has registrants.

Release 9.13.2021

Personalized Event Feed on Homepage
Now on the Homepage we have a “Personalized Feed” of events for each logged in User. These includes sections for Recommended For You, Popular Near You, and more.

New Homepage

The Homepage now includes Popular Events, Upcoming Events as well as links to specific collections of events such as Teen Events, Family Events etc.

ICS feeds includes Hero Images

Organizations can get a URL to our ICS feed of events for their organization. This allows calendars such as Google Cal or iCal or others to follow your events. Now, this includes the event Hero image for any system that is able to ingest that.

Remain Logged in for 2 Weeks

Now regular users will remain logged in for 2 weeks since their last login. This will make it less likely to need to login during checkout, thereby reducing friction.

Release 8.30.2021

Message Registrants

Event Admins can send an email message to Event Registrants. They can choose whether to send to All Registrants, Checked In, Not Yet Checked In, Cancelled etc… They can choose the subject line and body text. Recipients of the email messages can optionally Opt-Out of emails for that event without opting out of other types of messages.

Jlive Platform Super Admins can Create Admins

As a Super Admin, you can now visit /admin/manage/admins to create Admins for any organization. Read more here – How to Create Admins

Filter by Free or Paid

Admins can now easily filter events by Free or Paid from the Event Index page.

Magic Links Deep Link to the Event

As a logged out individual viewing and Event Page, if you try to login, you will receive a Magic Link that will bring right back to that same Event Page.

Custom Donation Amount

As an individual that is registering to an event that has Custom Donations enabled, you can enter any donation amount of your choose on the final Checkout step.

Release 8.16.2021

Cancel Event

Scheduled Events and Live Events may be Cancelled.

Please note that there is no automatic message that goes out to registrants, so it is upon the Admin to reach out to people to inform them of the cancellation and issue any refunds manually. Read more here

Archive Event

Cancelled and Past events may be Archived.

Archived events will no longer appear on the Admin / Events page, but they’ve can be viewed by updating the filter on that page. Users will still see their tickets to Archived events and the data will still be included in the Event Dashboard and Organization Dashboard. Archived events may be Restored. Read more here

Admin TopNav Updates

Its now much easier for a Jlive Admin to search for and select which Organization they would like to view. Coming soon will be a Market Dropdown to filter by city.

Show Sub-orgs Filter

As an Admin viewing your Event Index page, you can now use a filter to hide/show the events from all of your sub-organizations.

User Manage Payment Methods

Users can visit their Profile and find a Payment Methods page where they can add or remove stored Credit Cards for faster check out. Credit Card details are never sent to or stored by Jlive directly. They are only passed securely to our payment processor, Stripe.

Release 8.4.2021

View and Change Stored Credit Card

Users can now visit their Payment Methods page when editing their User Profile. Here they are able to Add and Remove credit cards and indicate a default card to use during check-out. Jlive does not receive or store the actual credit card number as this is stored on Stripe.

Promo Codes

You can now request Promo Codes for your events from support@jlive.app. Jlive Admins can use a special form to request a code for you to share with your constituents. Read More

Enable Donations for Organization

From Organization Profile page, the Org Admin can enable Donations for their organization. This will allow Event Admins to be able to allow Donations on Events.

Enable Donations on Events
If Donations are enabled for a given organization, then when creating Events on the Tickets Step, you can enable Donations. Here you can indicate a description of the donation to let donors know how the funds will be used. Additionally you can set up to 4 suggested donation amounts. You can also enable donors to be able to set their own custom donation amount.

Release 7.19.2021

When someone joins Jlive and becomes a User, the first time they log-in they will go through an Onboarding Flow. This will ask them to indicate their Interests. They will also be asked the following optional questions: gender, religion, relationship status.

Location Events can add Additional Instructions

Here you can specify details relating to things like Parking, Arrival/Check In, Forms, Dress Code, General Updates and event create your own Custom Section.
You can also make sure that your Custom Section only appears to Registrants.

Custom Message to Registrants Only

Now within the Additional Info section of Step 1 of Creating Events, you can select Custom. Here you can indicate the Title of the custom message as well as leave a different message to people that have Registrants and to those who have not yet Registered. This message will appear on both the Event Details page and the Registration Email.

Show Sub-Org Events on Org Profile

There is a setting in your Organization Profile that allows you to include events from your sub-organizations on your Organization Profile page. If not checked, then the page will only display events from your organization.

Release 7.6.2021

Montreal Summer Events Page


Share Events Fixes

When you share events, the proper thumbnail and text appears now.

Hybrid Events

You can now include both a Location and a Livestream on your events. Both the address and the instructions to join the Livestream will appear in the Registration Email and on the Event Details page.

Mark as Test Event

If an event is marked as a “Test Event”, then the Registrations and Sales will not count towards your totals in your reports.

French URLs

If you use a jlive.app/fr url, it will automatically load the page in French. This is most useful for French Only E-mail Blasts or French Only online ad campaigns.

  • If you are logged into Jlive, the pages will load in whatever your Preferred App Language is set to in your User Profile.
  • If you are not logged in to Jlive, then the pages will load based on what your browser is set to. But, if you add “fr” into the URL (ie jlive.app/fr/events/573), the page will load in French.

Release 6.24.2021

Org Dashboard

Organizations have a dashboard indicating things like total events, ticket, and registrants.

Join Jlive flow

Now from the top right corner, people can click to Login or Join Jlive. They will receive a much more intuitive and nice looking flow with a Welcome Email

Unique Zoom URLs in Calendar ICS

Now Unique Zoom links are included when saving an event to your calendar.

Event Statuses

Now users can see if an event is Cancelled, Past, Sold Out, On hold etc…

Zoom Fixes

Admins can disconnect events from Zoom Meetings without disconnecting their Zoom Account from their Jlive account.

Admins can edit events without disrupting the existing Zoom connection.

Release 6.22.2021

Jlive Branding

Now the website is www.jlive.app with new logos and branding throughout.

Browser Tab Names

Now the Browser Tabs will more accurately reflect what page you are on. This will help with our analytics as well.

Org Dashboard

When visiting your Organization Profile, you can click on Dashboard to see some useful insights. Many more insights will be added over time including demographic information.

Past Events Page sorted with most recent at the top

When viewing the Past Events page for an organization, you can see the most recent events first.

Release 5.28.2021

Event Dashboard

From the Manage Event page, you can click on Dashboard to see some useful insights. Many more insights will be added over time including demographic information.

Org-wide Orders Report

By visiting your Organization Profile, you can click on Reports on the left hand side to export an Orders Report that includes all orders from all events at your organization and all of your sub-organizations for a given time range.

Note: There are some issues with the CSV file that we are fixing.

General Ledger

Event creators can add a General Ledger number to an event on the Settings Step. This is useful for accounting purposes because it will appear in the Orders Reports.

Admin View All Organizations

Admins can see the Event Index for all organizations as once. It is now possible to view all events in a city and see which events are scheduled across all organizations.

Zoom in Calendar

Now Zoom links are included when saving an event to your calendar.

Outlook Calendar Issue

When saving an event to your Outlook calendar it will work properly. No longer will each event create an entirely new calendar.

Release 5.24.2021

Admin can sort Event Index Page

Org-wide Orders Report

By visiting your Organization Profile, you can click on Reports on the left hand side to export an Orders Report that includes all orders from all events at your organization and all of your sub-organizations for a given time range.

Attendee and Orders CSV improvements

Updates to how the CSV files work and look.

Refunds appear as negative amount

Ticket Types maintain same order

Buyers checking out will see the list of Tickets in the same order as the Admin set it up on the event. It is not possible for the Admin to re-order the tickets, so make sure to publish the event in the preferred order.

If you need to add a new Ticket Type after your event has been published and someone has already registered, then please reach out to Jlive Support so that they can request that our development team manually adjust the ticket ordering for the specific event.

Navigation Overhauled

Release 5.12.2021

Manage Admins and Users

Jlive Admins can now view a table of all Admins Users and which organizations they are associated with. This is accessible by visiting jlive.app/admin/manage/admins

Join Jlive from Homepage

Now anyone can join Jlive from any page. To do this, click on the Login link in the top right drop down menu. Add your e-mail address and wait to receive a Magic Link to Join Jlive. After clicking the Magic Link you will be asked to answer some questions and then you will receive a Welcome E-mail once your account has been activated.

For now this Welcome E-mail will indicate some Coming Soon features.

View Users and Admins

A Jlive Admin can now view a table of all Jlive Users and Admins within their scope. For example a Jlive Super Admin can see all Users and Admins on the entire platform. (Organization Admins are not able to see their Org Admins yet.)

Series Events

You can now create multi-session events that people can register for all at once. This can be used to register for a semester of school, or a set of art classes. Here is how it works:

On Step 1 – Event Details when creating an event, you can now set multiple dates and times.

On Step 2 – Tickets you can set the Ticket Types to Entire Series which means that registrants will be able to attend all of the scheduled sessions for your event.

Now, people viewing your Event Page will see the entire schedule.

Release 5.5.2021

User Profile

A Logged-In User can now easily view and edit their User Profile by clicking on the menu link in the top right corner.

Help Center

Users can now see quickly access this Help Center (help.jlive.app) by clicking the link in the top-right menu drop-down.

Resend Registration Complete E-mail

Admins can now resend a Registration Complete E-mail to a Buyer from the Orders Page. Simply click “View Order” to see the Orders Modal and then click “Resend Order to Email”.

Organization Profile

Org Admins can now easily access their Edit Organization Profile page from the top right drop-down menu.

Favorite Events Page

Users can now see their favorite events from their user profile, accessible from the top right corner menu. Anytime a logged-in user clicks the heart icon on an event, it will add that event to their Favorite Events.

Pre-populate Registration Questions

A logged in user will see values from their existing User Profile pre-populate registration forms to events using information stored in their User Profile.

Additional Fixes

  • Zoom Email is no longer a separate question, its just a checkbox on the e-mail question.
  • Can Join Jlive from homepage now (not just after event registration)

Released 4.19.2021

Disable Reminder Emails

On the “Access and Privacy” step of the event creator, there is a “Reminder Email” section. Here you can enable / disable the Reminder E-mails that are sent 1 hour and 48 hours before the start of your events.

Add Co-hosts Organizations

When creating an event, on Step 1 – Event Details, you can now add additional Co-Hosts to your event. Admins at the Co-host organizations have the ability to manage the event, manage attendees, and download reports.

Individuals viewing the Event Page will now see all co-host logos.

Hide Registration Questions

Registration Questions can be hidden on a live event, even after tickets have been sold.

My Interests Page

Users can now indicate their Interests on their User Profile. In the future, this will be used to provide Recommended events and programs on their Personalized Feed.

Edit French Org Profile

If your organization is in Montreal, you can edit the French version of the Org Profile.

Additional Fixes

Users can now indicate their Interests on their User Profile. In the future, this will be used to provide Recommended events and programs on their Personalized Feed.

  • Browser auto-fill can be used during checkout to make populating fields faster
  • Add to Calendar links are now on the Registration Success page during checkout.
  • Registrant Birthday can be manually typed using your keyboard during checkout.
  • Checkout flow has a new Back Button placement that appears on more steps.
  • Registration emails are sent to all attendees registered to Zoom events.
  • Registration email sent from Zoom is now disabled, so people only get the JLIFE emails.
  • USD and CAD are now properly displayed across the application
  • Login page has updated text to indicate only existing users can login
  • Interested users can add email to Interested list since cant join directly yet

Release 3.31.2021

Multi-day single events

You can now set an end-date that is different from a start-date. For example a film that can be viewed any time during the entire month of April.

3rd Party Ticket URL

You can speak with a JLIFE representative to enable this feature on your organization account. Once enabled, you will be able to bypass the JLIFE registration flow and link people to a 3rd party website for registration and ticket sales.

Organization Profile Button

You can speak with a JLIFE representative to enable this feature on your organization account. Once enabled, you will be able to add a button within the description of your org profile that links to any URL of your choice.

Here is how it looks on the edit organization profile page:

Here is how it will look on your Org Profile page:


When creating an event, you can now add genres to your events that are of type: Film, Film Festival, Book, Book Fair, Theater, Music. For example, if you choose Type: Film, you will see a dropdown for Film Genre appear.

Release 3.22.2021

Reminder Emails

Event registrations will automatically receive an event reminder email 48 hours prior to the start of the event and 1 hour prior to the start of the event. The Event Manager is able to disable either or both of these automatic emails within Step 4 – Access and Rights when creating an event.

Rename the “Get Tickets” button

As an event creator, you can rename the CTA button to say Register, Get Tickets, Volunteer, or Sign-up. This is set on Step 3 – Tickets when creating an event.

Buyer receives Full Refund

Now, when an organization refunds an order, the buyer will receive 100% of their money back to their credit card.

Save Question Response to Profile

Now, when registering for an event as a logged-in JLIFE user, you can choose to store certain Registration Question Responses to your JLIFE profile. This will make it easier to Register for future events.

You can also visit your JLIFE user profile by visiting jlive.app/profile/user

Browse Events

Now you can visit jlive.app/events to see a feed of all of the upcoming events in your city. You can filter by Format, Type, Target Demographic, Price and Market. You can also sort by Start Date

Add Videos

Now, when creating an event, you can add videos to the Photo/Video Gallery by pasting in a link to Youtube or Vimeo.

Release 3.9.2021


You can now issue Refunds from the Manage Orders Page by clicking on a specific order and then clicking the Refund icon. You must indicate a reason for the refund. For now, the buyer will not receive the transaction fee as part of the refund, but this will soon be fixed.

Zoom Unique URL

We fixed a bug preventing certain Registration Emails from displaying a unique URL to join a Zoom Session when Registration is Required on the Zoom Event.

Browser Not Supported Modal

People using a non-supported browser are shown a modal letting them know this and suggesting that they switch to Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

Release 2.22.2021

Private Events

When creating an event, on the Access & Rights step, you can set an event to Private

Zoom Password in Emails

For events that use our Zoom integration, the Zoom password will now appear in the Registration e-mail.

Edit Organization Profile

As an Organization Admin, you can now edit the organization proflie.

Just visit https://beta.jlive.app/admin/organizations/67/profile using the correct ID # for your organization.

(Some fields and images are not yet editable.)

Edit User Profile

As a User, you can now view and edit your own profile.

Just visit https://beta.jlive.app/profile/user

View Order

As an Event Administrator, you can view all a table of all of the the Orders and you can click on “View Order” to view individual Orders.

Order Receipt

As a Registrant, when you buy tickets you will receive a PDF receipt attached to the Registration email.

Release 2.8.2021

Question Responses maintain their ordering

Save Credit Card

Users can Save their Credit Card to their User Profile during checkout.

Market ICS Feed

A City Admin can now get access to a Market-wide ICS calendar feed by asking support@jlive.app.

Private URL Events

Events can by made private by sending an e-mail to support@jlive.app

Paid Events

Events can now sell tickets and add-ons for money. This requires that the organization connect to a Stripe account by visiting their /billing page.

Edit Event After Orders Placed

Event Admins can edit their events, even after the first ticket has been registered.

(Note: It is not yet possible to edit the Questions after the first ticket has been registered.)