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Archiving and Deleting Events

Events can have different statuses, and there are different rules around deleting events based on these statuses.

Draft Events

  • If an event is a Draft, then it can be Deleted. Once deleted it will not be possible to bring this event back, even by going through our developers.

Scheduled Events without Registrations

  • Scheduled events without any registrations may be converted back to Drafts and then deleted.
  • Scheduled events without registrations may be Cancelled.

Scheduled Events with Registrations

  • Scheduled events with some registrations may be Cancelled.

Live Events

  • Live events are scheduled events that have already started, but not yet ended.
  • Live events may be Cancelled.

Cancelled Events

  • When cancelled, no automatic message is sent to registrants, but the Admin can optionally message people to inform them of the cancellation.
  • When cancelled, no new people can register.
  • All existing registrants can still see their tickets in My Tickets
  • Once Cancelled they can be Archived.

Past Events

  • Past events (with or without registrations) may be Archived.

Archived Events

  • Archived Events do not appear on the Admin Event Index by default. But you can view the Archived Events by setting that filter.
  • Archived event data is still included in Event Dashboard and Organization Dashboard.
  • Users will still be able to see their tickets from Archived Events in My Tickets.
  • Users will still be able to view the Event Details page.
  • Archived Events may be Restored
  • Archived Events with No Registrations may be Deleted (soft).
    • (Deleting an archived event is technically a “soft-delete” and it is still possible for developers to restore it.)

Soft Deleted Events

  • Event is no longer visible in Archived Events
  • Only Developer can Restore event
  • Direct link to Event Page is not visible any longer

Updated on September 15, 2021

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