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Unique Attendees Only

Now the default settings on events is set such that no two tickets can be registered to the same Registrant First Name + Last Name or to the same Registrant Email.

This can be unset by checking a box in the Ticket Settings.

If checked, then during checkout

  • when answering the Attendee First Name / Attendee Last Name – there is validation preventing buyer from using the same First/Last combination as another ticket in the checkout
  • when answering the Attendee Email – there is validation preventing you from using the same Email as another ticket in the checkout

This only independently for each Ticket Type.

(Ex: If there is an Adult Ticket and a Kids ticket, and both are set to Unique Attendees Only, it is still possible to Register the same person for each ticket 1 time each.

Updated on December 15, 2022

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