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Sending emails from your @Jlive.app address

If you work for Jlive and have an @jlife.app email address, here are some steps to enable your email to be @jlive.app.

If you use Gmail

  1. Go to Settings / Accounts / Send Mail As 
  2. Click Add another email address.  
  3. Add your email@jlive.app
  4. Click “make default

If you use Outlook for Mac


1) Mail > Preferences > Accounts > Select Jlife Account  

2) Pull down Email Address field and select “Edit Email Addresses”

3) Edit the domain to jlive.app and click OK

On iOS: 

1) Open Settings > Mail > Accounts > Tap on the Jlife account (may just be called Gmail) 

2) Tap on your email address

3) Edit the email field to use the jlive.app domain

4) Tap Done

Updated on October 20, 2022

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