Jlive itself does not charge any transaction fees at the moment. However, Jlive uses Stripe as a secure payment processor and Stripe charges transaction fees which Jlive passes on to the host organization.

The Stripe transactions fees which are paid by the organization are:

2.9% + 30 cents per order.

Currently this fees is paid by the host organization and automatically deducted from the money you collect on an event. You will see this accounted for in the “Net to Host” column of the Orders Report CSV.

(In the future, Event Admins will be able to choose whether they want to make the buyer pay the fees or give the buyer the choice to cover the fees.)


When an Event Admin issues a Full Refund on an order, 100% of the money will go back to the Buyer’s credit card. Additionally the fees previously paid by the organization will be refunded back to the Organization’s Stripe account.

(For now, Jlive is covering any fees that Stripe is not able to refund.)

Updated on April 13, 2021

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