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How does Stripe Connect Work with Jlive?

All transactions are securely processed by Stripe.

Each Organization onboards with Stripe.

Connect Organization to Stripe

How Charges Work?

When a user places an order on Jlive, Jlive will charge their Credit Card. The Credit Card statement descriptor will be “Jlive”.

Then Stripe will generate a transfer payment from your Connected Organization to the Jlive Platform for the entire amount plus any transaction fees. Currently the transaction fees are charged only by Stripe (2.9% + 30 cents) and Jlive does not add any additional fees.

Jlive Purchase Flow

How to Daily Payouts Work?

Then each day, Stripe aggregates all transactions into a single Daily Payout to your bank account.

Learn more about Daily Payouts

How do Refunds Work?

Jlive refunds the customers credit card the full amount. The transfer payment from Jlive to your organization from the original order is reversed. There is a Transfer Reversal from your organization to Jlive for the full amount that you received. Stripe does not refund the Stripe fees from the original order, so Jlive covers that amount. So both the Customer and your organization are made whole.

Jlive Refund Flow

If there is a very excessive amount of refunds in a given month, Jlive reserves the right to bill your organization for the non-refundable Stripe fees.

Each Daily Payout to your bank account will include the net amount of transactions (charges and refunds) since the last Daily Payout.

How to View Order Reports

Stripe Reports

Updated on April 26, 2023

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