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Multi-Session Events

Register for Entire Series

Organizations can create multi-session events that people can register for all at once. This can be used to register for a semester of school, or a set of art classes. Here is how it works:

On Step 1 – Event Details when creating an event, you can now set multiple dates and times.

On Step 2 – Tickets you can set the Ticket Types to Entire Series which means that registrants will be able to attend all of the scheduled sessions for your event.

Now, people viewing your Event Page will see the entire schedule.

Choose My Session Events

Choose My Session

Jlive does not currently offer the ability for users to “choose my session(s)” from a list of sessions on a given event.  That is coming soon.


1) An alternative would be to Clone The Event and make a new identical event that people can register for independently.

2) Another alternative would be to Create Add-Ons for different sessions. Individuals can register for a Main Ticket that grants access to a specified number of Add-ons This is not recommended because these Add-Ons will not appear when saving to calendar. This is also not recommended because there would be no way to limit the number of Add-ons selected by the User. However, some events have used this method with success.

Updated on October 25, 2021

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