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Community Calendar (coming soon)

What is the Community Calendar?

Some communities have a Community Calendar that local organizations use to coordinate their scheduling of events and programs. The Community Calendar includes Published Events as well as Draft Events aka Placeholder Events that are mostly used to save the date, but don’t yet have all the details.

Where can I see my Community Calendar?

The Community Calendar can be hosted in various places, and often it appears on the local Jewish Federation’s website.


How Do I submit Events to my Community Calendar?

If the Jlive Community Calendar Feature is enabled for your community, then your Published Jlive events will automatically appear on the Community Calendar.

See: How to Submit Events to the Montreal Community Calendar

Additionally, Draft Jlive events can be submitted to the Community Calendar as long as they meet the minimum requirements of Title, Date, Time, and Visibility (Private / Public). Draft Events must be approved to appear on the Community Calendar. In some communities, Draft events are automatically approved, while in others they must go through an approval process first. Draft events will be removed from the Community Calendar a set number of days prior the event start. This time frame is different in each community, but is clearly indicated when creating the Draft event.

To Get Started Choose one the following.

New Event

If you select [New Event] will take you to the Create Event flow. At the Publish Step, if you choose to [Publish], then the event will automatically appear on the Community Calendar.

Or, if choose [Save Draft] and check the box to “Submit Draft to Community Calendar”, then the Draft Event will be submitted to the Community Calendar. Note: Drafts are Auto-saved, so even if you don’t press the [Save Draft] button, it will be submitted to the Community Calendar if the checkbox is checked.

Calendar Placeholder

If choose you select [Calendar Placeholder], then you will bypass the normal Create Event flow, and instead you will see a simple window with the base minimum requirements to create a Draft Event that is submitted to the Community Calendar.

How is the Community Calendar Administered?

The Jlive Market Admins and Jlive Community Calendar Admins are able to view events that are included on the Community Calendar. They can Approve or Reject Draft Events. They can also Reject Published events.

See: Administering the Community Calendar

Updated on March 1, 2023

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