Museum of Jewish Montreal Experience Immense Success with Jlive

“Our team at the Museum of Jewish Montreal has had a great experience with using Jlive as their primary event registration platform!”

The Museum of Jewish Montreal (MJM) launched as a digital project in 2010, but by 2016, it opened its first physical location on Saint-Laurent Boulevard to welcome members of the Jewish community of Montreal, Quebec, to explore their heritage and identity through creative installations, storytelling and cultural events. MJM’s mission is to engage young adults with their Jewish identity and culture.

Before using Jlive, MJM used EventBrite to publish and host events, and EzTix for bookings. Unfortunately, they saw numerous problems with these platforms!

MJM’s funding is dependent on their engagement reports. Data collection proved to be a major challenge for MJM using these two platforms. EventBrite’s platform skewed their reports by inaccurately collecting data. MJM also noticed their audience on EventBrite was significantly different than their target! More so, MJM struggled to promote events, as EventBrite was not driving new attendees to MJM events. EventBrite brought on a number of technical challenges and glitches during virtual events throughout the pandemic. 

MJM met with a Jlive developer in May 2021 after hearing about the platform through Federation CJA. Given the challenges MJM was encountering with EventBrite, the museum was ready to try something new. They joined Jlive for a trial period throughout the summer, posting most of their events on the platform and reaching their audience. Jlive’s platform provided solutions to MJM’s challenges and was able to meet all of their needs as an organization hosting events. 

Now, through Jlive, MJM has been able to access and retrieve accurate data, reach their target audience, capture the attention of new community members, easily set up virtual events, and more! 

But the proof is in the data. At their most recent event, Needlework Workshop event with Claire Sigal on February 13, 2022, more than half of their attendees were new. Additionally, MJM’s event attendees have selected Jlive as the way in which they heard about the event. 

Thanks to Jlive, MJM is able to work towards their mission and help Jewish young adults connect with their roots, one event at a time!

So, are you ready for your organization to see the same success?

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