Sending emails from your @Jlive.app address

If you work for Jlive and have an @jlife.app email address, here are some steps to enable your email to be @jlive.app.

If you use Gmail

  1. Go to Settings / Accounts / Send Mail As 
  2. Click Add another email address.  
  3. Add your email@jlive.app
  4. Click “make default

If you use Outlook for Mac


1) Mail > Preferences > Accounts > Select Jlife Account  

2) Pull down Email Address field and select “Edit Email Addresses”

3) Edit the domain to jlive.app and click OK

On iOS: 

1) Open Settings > Mail > Accounts > Tap on the Jlife account (may just be called Gmail) 

2) Tap on your email address

3) Edit the email field to use the jlive.app domain

4) Tap Done