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Jlive User Roles

Users permissions only work if they have access to that specific event.

  • Jlive Super Admins
    • have access to all events on platform across all cities
  • Jlive Admin
    • Same as JLIFE SuperAdmin, but…
    • can’t create / manage Cities
    • can’t disable or terminate users
    • can’t create Super Admins
  • City Admin
    • City Admin can also be Org Admin for their own organization (ie Detroit Federation)
    • City Admins have access to control only the events hosted by their organization(s)
    • City Admins can view all events on their platform in their city
      • includes all event statuses including draft events
      • includes total tickets and total sales
    • Can NOT see/use Manage Registrant page unless Org Admin
    • Can NOT see/use Manage Orders page unless Org Admin
    • Can control which orgs / sub orgs operate in their city
    • Can view and block user accounts within their city
    • Can see city wide trend reports (no-personal data unless their own org)
    • City Admin can Manage Admins but only add admin access for orgs they are city admin of
    • City Admin can Manage Community Calendar Settings and Moderate Community Calendar Submissions
  • Org Admin
    • Org Admins have full access to their own org and sub-orgs, but not parent orgs
    • View Registrants, download Registrant CSV even for events they co-host
    • View Orders, Download Orders CSV even for events they co-host
  • Event Creators
    • can create / edit events and tickets within their org
    • can NOT view attendees or payment info
    • can not see guest lists
  • Event Admins
    • can only view / edit events they have been assigned to
    • can see event-specific attendees, payments
    • can view all event-specific report
  • Community Calendar Moderator
    • Can view Manage Community Calendar Page for their assigned market
    • Can Approve / Reject Drafts for their assigned market
    • Can Reject Published Events for their assigned market
  • Co-Host (Secondary)

Not a separate role. These are permissions that are actual for Org Admin and Event Manager only.

Updated on October 24, 2022

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