Create Tickets

Creating Free or Paid tickets and Add-ons is simple to do.

Free Tickets

On Step 3 – Tickets when creating an event, you can add Free Tickets by selecting the “Free” option.  Here you can name you ticket and optionally add a description.  You can set custom on-sale dates if your ticket registration begins or ends at a certain time.  This is useful for things like ”Early Bird” ticketing. You can set the total amount of available tickets of this ticket type. You can also set the max tickets allowed per order.  For example, if this is set to “1”, then the Registrant may not register additional people.
Livestream Only  If your event has both a real world and a virtual component, you can indicate whether a ticket type is only eligible for the Livestream and therefore will not grant access to the physical event. Hide Ticket Type You can Hide a ticket type to make sure that it is not visible to people registering for your event.  This is useful if you wish to pause ticket sales for a given ticket type. To create a paid ticket, simply make sure to press the Paid button at the top of the Ticket Type.  This will reveal a section where you can enter the price of the ticket.


You can optionally add a sales tax to each ticket type, although this is generally not required.  If you aren’t sure, please consult your finance or accounting department.

Transaction Fees

For each Paid event, you can decide who pays the JLIFE transaction fees.  You can choose to from the following:
  • Organizer Pays Fees – Buyer does not see fees at all
  • Buyer Pays Fees – Buyer sees the fees as a line item when placing order
  • Buyer Chooses – Buyer sees the fees and can decide if they want to pay for them


Add-ons work just like tickets.
  • Separate knowledge base article posts,
  • Article attachments,
  • Article view count metrics,
  • Custom categories,
  • Custom tags,
  • Custom slugs and urls,
  • Custom knowledge base sidebar,
  • WPML multilingual and multi language compatible,
  • Special knowledge base widgets,
  • Article voting,
  • Analytics dashboard,
  • User access control.
Updated on January 8, 2021

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